आज कोई जनक नहीं सीता के लिए

लाख जतन के बाद भी,

समाज में लड़कियों की स्थिति

में ज़्यादा फ़र्क़ नहीं.

आज भी मिट्टी के सीत…

बर्तन में, माटी तले दबी

सीताएँ मिलती है.

पर अफ़सोस आज

जनक नहीं होते

उसे पुत्री जानकी बना

राजकन्या का दर्जा देने के लिए .

UP: Man digs pit to bury daughter at cremation site, finds infant girl alive in pot three feet below-

In a bizarre twist of fate, a trader here in Uttar Pradesh found a newborn girl in an earthen pot, which was buried almost three feet below the ground, while he had gone to inter his daughter, who died minutes after being born prematurely.

Hitesh Kumar Sirohi, the trader, rescued the girl and fed her milk using cotton. The girl is currently admitted to a private hospital.

News in detail

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