6 thoughts on “डूबती नब्ज़

  1. This is so heart touching. I remember the last moments of a close relative, in her mid nineties (~94+) . We could nothing after docs said no use giving her pain while she departs, we just watched her sink. This is how I conveyed the feelings of the loved ones in poem:
    A most nobel heart beats no more
    Hands that rocked our cradle now rest
    It breaks our heart to see you go
    Yes! HE only takes the best.

    Your entire life was dedicated to others
    You love for all was true
    What you did so much for others
    They are sure to remember you.

    We sat beside your bedside
    Our hearts were heavy and sore
    We did our duty to the end
    Till we could do no more.

    In tears we watched as you were sinking
    You were slowly fading away
    Though the scene was so heart wrenching
    We knew no more you could stay

    Words can not express how much we love you
    We really don’t know how to say
    God only knows how much we miss you
    In our home and hearts today.

    Remembrance they say is golden
    Maybe it is very true
    But we never wanted memories
    We only wanted you!

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    1. Heart touching poem. Yes, I can understand that feeling. I loved the last lines –
      we never wanted memories
      We only wanted you!

      I feel the same way n will try to write something on these lines, in Hindi.

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