ज़िंदगी के रंग – 163

बीते कल के बातों के भार से

परछाइयाँ भी गहरी काली पड़

अँधेरे में डूब जातीं हैं.

तब तक जब तक ……..

आकाश फिर नीला नहीं हो जाता है,

लाल सूरज नया सवेरा और नई उम्मीद ले कर

ईशान कोण से झाँकने नहीं लगता है.

16 thoughts on “ज़िंदगी के रंग – 163

  1. Good morning Rekha. hahaha that scenery in the picture looks so good, it makes me want to take a vacation 😂😂

    This topic was interestingly put — sometimes the burdens of yesterday can keeps us down in a place of darkness. It is ok to reflect, but hope kindles light in the face of despair

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    1. Good evening from India Killa. You may enjoy a vacation on a sea beach.😊😊
      Thank you so much for reading and understanding the meaning with the help of translator. It’s so nice of you.

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      1. Wow you’re in a very beautiful place haha. One of these days I must make it a mission to adventure to India 😂

        And you’re welcome Rekha 👍😄, i’m very delighted to use google translator to read every word that comes from your heart 💕💞

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      2. India is a beautiful country. You are always welcome to my country Killa.
        Thanks to google translator. I love writing, Mostly my true feelings – sometimes sad, sometimes happy.

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      3. awww I appreciate the encouragement my friend; india is very lovely just like your writings haha. It’s indeed incredible that I can actually feel the tone and mood of your works even though I have to use google translate to convert them into a different language, as if nothing is lost, which is very profound; very well written.

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      4. Yeah India is the place to be hahaha, it sounds very unforgettable 👍😂
        And you are so so welcome Rekha, your writings are nothing short of splendid 💕🌹

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  2. Reminded me of a beautiful old hindi song, probably sung by Md.Rafi :
    ग़म की अंधेरी रात में
    दिल को ना बेक़रार कर
    सुबह ज़रूर आयेगी
    सुबह का इन्तज़ार कर

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