ख़्वाहिशों के क़ाफ़िले

ख़्वाहिशों के क़ाफ़िले बड़े अजीब होते हैं…

ये गुज़रते वहीं से हैं जहाँ रास्ते नहीं होते…!!





17 thoughts on “ख़्वाहिशों के क़ाफ़िले

      1. Smiles… You’re kind dear friend. It’s a three days quotes and tags so i will surely nominate the upcoming bloggers but for today, please I would appeal to you to honor my nomination. Thank you

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      2. Hi friend, it’s so nice of you. If you insist I may post a quote but I don’t want to nominate bloggers , as I have not accepted many such requests. They may take it otherwise. 😊😊


      1. You had posted on your blog saying, ‘ manah sthiti aur paristhiti mein samanjasya na ho to tanav hota hai.. you additionally say that tanav kabhi kabhi sakaratmak bhi hota hai….
        My blog is a result of such sakaratmak tanav… My institute ‘ordered’ us to make a blog which I never wanted to do..
        So my blog doesnt contain any sensible page… Hence it’s private!!!

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