जीवन के रंग  – 31 सघन अँधेरा 

कालरात्रि सा सघन अँधेरा , 

आता  है जीवन में हर रोज़ .


आकाश के  एक एक कर 

बूझते सितारे,

करते है सूरज 

औ भोर की 

किरणों का आगाज …..

बस याद रखना है –

हर रात की  होती  है

 सुहानी भोर !!!

30 thoughts on “जीवन के रंग  – 31 सघन अँधेरा 

  1. I trust that Google translate is giving me the best version of your Hindi poem in English. No doubt the translation never does it justice, however, for what it is worth, I have found Google translation of your work completely wonderful.

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      1. I must say, the translation of Hindi into English on the Google translator does seem to flow. I love the feeling of this piece and I agree. As bad as a day gets, as lonely as a night can be, the morning sun will always shine.


  2. waah bahut khub kaha apne.
    bilkul yahi hai jindagi …….
    haar ke baad jeet hai
    dhup hai to chhawn hai,
    raat ke baad suhani bhor,
    dard ke baad aaraam hai,
    aaj jo bhi dukh,shok,bhay,chittakar
    kaa jo raat hai,
    uska ant nishchit hai……
    bhor kaa aanaa nishchit hai…..

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    1. hi Sandeep, I know you are from beautiful Nepal, as Just now i was going through yr post -A 10 hours tour …..
      meaning of भोर -Sunrise/ Morning /Daybreak / Daylight. Dawn.

      hope you enjoyed the poem. 🙂


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