सपने -कविता Dream

Where there is pain, the cure will come.
~ Rumi

जब छोटी थी, बङे-बङे सपने देखा करती, 

अब पहले की छोटी-छोटी बातें याद आती हैं।

खुशियों अौ गम के  खेल में यह समझ आया,

ये सब आती -जाती रहती है


 कोई ना कोई सबक दे कर जाती हैं। 


21 thoughts on “सपने -कविता Dream

  1. Here is my interpretation. Hope it makes sense and matches the poem.
    When I was, I used to dream big about future. Now that I am living that dream, I miss small things from the past that didn’t seem important enough at the time.
    In this cycle of happiness and sorrow, I realized that things happen for a reason and we learn and grow from these small experiences in life.

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